What to Ask When Selecting a Tour Company for Cuba

  • How big is the group I’ll be with?
  • What will our accommodations be?
  • Will I have free time to shop, take photos, go back to my favorite spot?
  • How are the guides educated/experienced? English abilities?

Responses from Viva Cuba:

  • Groups are 12-15 people.
  • Comfortable Casa Particulares (B & B’s) with private bath, air conditioning, hot water, imported mattresses and locking door.  (See photos below)
  • Yes!  The daytime schedules generally start at 9 am, with a break from 4-7 to take a nap or check out a local cafe.
  • Our expert guide Roger, has been leading tours for English-speakers for 15+ years. He is a former teacher and historian, expert birdwatcher and photographer.  He is fun and entertaining, you’ll wish you could take him home with you!

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