What does a No Hassle tour really mean?

As a leader in the Cuba travel business in Colorado, we constantly hear stories from people that have gone to Cuba with other tour companies and on their own.  Below, we have described what makes travel with Viva Cuba a delight.

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On a Viva Cuba tour, you can rest easy.  We ensure all of this for you:

  • All Visas and required Cuban health insurance are provided for you
  • Best lodging at local Bed and Breakfasts
  • Private, air-conditioned transportation
  • A Cuban guide who has been leading tours over 15 years will meet us and assist us every step of the way.  We’ll see the most popular tourist spots without the crowds, and get to the hidden gems that only the locals know about.
  • Packing lists, recommendations for money and the option of two 4 hours classes so you can learn about Cuba and it’s history, customs and more before you go!


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Here are some of the hazards of traveling with other companies or on your own that we have heard:

  • I was excited to join a running club tour in Havana. I got there and discovered every time I left my hotel I had to board one of three giant tour buses to get anywhere.  I was fighting a massive crowd of tourists the whole time.  
  • I met two Danish women on our tour.  They said they had been stranded in Vinales (a very small tourist town) for days because they couldn’t find a taxi or bus to take them back to Havana.  They couldn’t use their Euros everywhere they went and were limited on how much they could exchange.  I felt so bad for them!
  • I booked a direct flight from Denver to Havana. I didn’t realize I’d be sitting on a plane all night, wait 3 hours in Miami, before flying on to Cuba.  I arrived exhausted and grumpy, to start my adventure.  I also didn’t know how to get my visa and was in a panic before going!
  • I did a cruise that stopped in 5 cities in Cuba.  I didn’t get to see much, the food at the places they took us wasn’t great, I didn’t get to talk to Cubans much.
  • I didn’t know I couldn’t use American credit cards in Cuba.  I arrived with $100 and had to rely on the generosity of strangers to get by.  What a wasted trip!
  • Although I reserved a rental car, I waited 4 hours at the rental car lot for them to find one for me.  While we were driving the countryside at night, we got a flat tire, there was nothing in the trunk so I could change it. Thankfully, some generous Cubans rescued us.
  • We stayed in a high-end hotel in Havana.  Our bathroom didn’t have a toilet seat and our shower leaked water terribly.  When we complained to the staff in the lobby, they said we should be more careful with the water, made us feel like we were at fault!

We have years of experience traveling to Cuba and navigating it’s unique limitations, as well as connecting with incredible Cubans across the island.  Don’t let these disasters happen on your next trip. 

Join us for a no hassle, fulfilling experience in Cuba!

Hasta pronto!

Steve, Jenny, Jen and Roger (our Cuban guide)