Tour participant

“Enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for energizing us every morning and keeping us on target. We loved the ballet, schools, dinners out with everyone, Bay of Pigs, and by coincidence “pig roast”.” – Norman



“Cuba was phenomenal! I was really touched by the people and the incredible cultural history. My favorite part of the trip was visiting Viñales to see the working class of Cuba — not to mention the beautiful countryside!” -Natalie





“One of best, most organized trips I have ever experienced. We had great accommodations, wonderful food, and I felt safe at all times . We experienced art, music, culture and exciting surprises every day.” -Ann


“I had such a great time with Viva Cuba and the university group I traveled with, that I’m going back to Cuba with them next year. This time I’m taking my wife!” -Jeff



“Cuba met and exceeded all of my expectations!  The more it soaks in, the more excited I am about everything we did.” -Joe