Sonic Incidences in Havana and What to Do

I’m sure you’ve seen in the media the State Dept announced on 9/29/17 Americans should not to go to Cuba.
At Viva Cuba, we are monitoring the situation very closely, and at this point in time, nothing has changed for upcoming tours.
This is based on many factors:
1. The incidents have only happened to ambassador staff, not tourists.  21 people have suffered effects from the unknown sonic waves, all of which were US or Canadian ambassadors. In the last year tens of thousands of Americans passed through Havana, none of them have complained of similar symptoms.   4 million tourists visited Cuba in 2016.
2. The State Dept warning on tourists is based a concern about exposure in hotels.  At least one of the incidents happened at the Capri Hotel. While in Cuba, Viva Cuba tours  do not stay in hotels. Over years of travel we have found the most comfortable and enjoyable accommodations in the cities we visit are Casa Particulares (B & Bs).
3. The sonic incidents are still widely unknown.  The Cuban government is fully cooperating with the investigations, and there is still no determined cause, motive or source.
4. Jet Blue, our airline carrier, is only making flight changes for flights booked through Nov. 1.  Customers may choose to cancel and receive a JetBlue credit, or travel to an alternate destination.  This is a sign that even they believe the warning will not last.
Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.
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