LEGAL TRAVEL to Cuba under the embargo

Although the embargo on Cuba became even more limiting in 2017, Americans can still travel legally to Cuba.  The easiest way is to travel under a People-to-People Educational license, which requires prior approval from the U.S. government, based on a full itinerary of activities involving Americans and Cubans interacting.

People-to-People Educational tours are what companies have been providing for Americans for decades.  When Viva Cuba was formed, we partnered with agencies that have been providing fully legal, completely licensed people-people educational tours for more than a decade.  That is why we always have, and will continue advertise our tours as:

*No Hassles


*Small Group

*Unique Cultural Experiences

Staying in comfortable Bed & Breakfasts, enjoying Cuban hospitality, making new friends, and exploring the Cuban heritage.   Our Cuban guide Roger will reveal the secrets of Cuba to you.  An avid twitcher (birdwatcher), he’ll ensure you meet the world’s smallest bird, the Bee Hummingbird, the Tocorroro, and many others.  He is also a talented photographer and former Cuban high school history teacher.  Prepare to have all your questions answered with Roger!

Despite the fact it feels Cuba is closed with the new embargo regulations, you can still experience Cuba with Viva Cuba.  Join a tour now before they are sold out!

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Travel with us and we will take care of the details!

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