Curious About Cuba Classes

Learn before you go!

Get the most our to your Cuban adventure with pre-trip preparation.

The two 4 hour sessions include dynamic and interactive presentations of history, culture, music, dance, art, book and movie lists, all about safety and what to pack for the best experience possible!

$45 per session, materials included.

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More about the seminars

Seminars in the Viva Cuba Enrichment Program allow you to prepare for a visit to the island or simply have a better understanding of Cuba.  Traveling in a communist country, it can be hard to uncover the realities of why people live the way they do.  These seminars are designed to help you learn more before you go so you can dig deeper in your understanding while you’re there!

Learn about:

  • The Castros and Communism
  • Music, Dance and Visual Arts
  • World-renowned Educational and Healthcare Services
  • Language & Cuban Food
  • History from Columbus to U.S. assisted independence
  • Daily Life, Religion and Travel Safety in Cuba
  • Recommended lists for packing, reading, movies included!

 Each 4 hour seminar is only $45, includes all materials

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What others are saying:

I consider myself not uneducated about Cuba, but learned so much and was intrigued by many of the points you made about history and life there now.  The written material is also an excellent companion for the seminar.  Great experience !  -EJ

Jenny and Steve are awesome! The preparatory seminars were extremely helpful. -NB