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Stephen and Jenny created Viva Cuba because they recognized the need for Americans to be able to access Cuba legally despite the many barriers to travel due to the U. S. embargo.

In January 2015, Jenny traveled to Cuba through a People-to-People license with a group from Colorado and was astounded by the many contrasts of Cuba in comparison to other Latin American countries.  Jenny’s bachelor degree is in Spanish/Latin American studies with a minor in Third World Development.  Over the last twenty-five years she has lived in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, visited or volunteered in development projects in Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  She has worked for Lufthansa and Mexicana Airlines.  Jenny and her husband, Stephen, travel with many of the Viva Cuba groups because they love it!

Jen Jensen joined the team in August 2018 to provide excellent customer service to our travelers.  We are delighted to have her!

Roger, our Cuban guide, has been leading tours for more than 15 years and is a master photographer and bird watcher.  Prepare to be impressed by his talents, in-depth knowledge of all things Cuba and it’s connection to the rest of the world.  His English is excellent, and he is a masterful storyteller.

Viva Cuba partners with experts in the Cuban tour industry that have been taking North Americans to Cuba for over 15 years.  Through this partnership we have designed an Educational People-to People tour that makes it simple for Americans to experience the beauty, poverty, music and heartbreak that our Cuban neighbors on the island are facing every day.

As the U.S. government continues to work towards “normalization” of U.S.-Cuban relations, many people are anxious to get to Cuba before American business invades. This is causing a great shortage on lodging.  We have found that staying in Bed & Breakfasts in Cuba is a great way to avoid the run-down hotels who are government owned, and put a little more money in the pockets of Cuban families.

Even if you don’t join us in Cuba, you can attend the Curious About Cuba classes and come to learn about Cuban history, economy and culture tips before you take your own voyage.

We look forward to meeting you!

-Jenny, Stephen, Jen and Roger