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EPIC Tour (includes Camaguey)

Jan. 28-Feb 6, 2023

March 30-April 8, 2023 

You’ll experience the best of central Cuba, from Havana to Camaguey, including a city tour in a classic 50s era car, a visit to Hemingway’s home, the soft sands of Varadero, the “Pearl of the Sea” Cienfuegos, salsa lessons in Trinidad, and meeting incredibly talented artists in Camaguey, wrapping up the trip with cafecito at our guide’s 19th century city home followed by a delicious farm-to-table dinner with music by local musicians. You’ll fly back to Miami from Camaguey’s airport.

Education, Culture & More (Designed & discounted for teachers) 

May 31-June 8, 2023

This 9 day-tour is led by our esteemed Cuban guide, Roger, whose background includes teaching high school and college students and along your travels you’ll gain unique insights into the Cuban educational system.

This tour begins and ends in Havana, and during your travels to three other towns you’ll visit the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, visit the museum of the Bay of Pigs invasion, observe the Afro-Cuban folkloric dances, and talk with your bed & breakfast hosts and others to learn about everyday life in Cuba.  This IS a vacation after all, so pack your swimsuit and snorkel, and be ready for fresh, delicious Cuban cuisine!


Off the Beaten Path Tour

Nov. 7-16, 2023

Experience the variety of scenery in Western Cuba on this incredible 10 day tour.  You’ll start in Havana, then visit the tobacco farmers in western Cuba, admire the French architecture of Cienfuegos, visit the beach, and hike along a river near Trinidad while watching for the red, white and blue Cuban Trogan. En route back to Havana have a local farm-to-table lunch and swim in a waterfall before you dance the night away under the stars at an iconic Havana patio overlooking the ocean.

Havana Jazz Festival! 

Jan. 16-25, 2024

The Annual Havana Jazz Festival includes the finest musicians from Cuba and 9+ countries in this stellar event. You’ll enjoy 3 nights of the Jazz Festival, then leave the big city to explore the world-famous beaches of Varadero, hike to the waterfall in Trinidad while watching for the Cuban Trogan, and visit Korimikao, the school of the arts, that will shed light to the value of dance, music and visual arts in Cuban culture. This itinerary is only offered once a year!



¡Viva Cartagena!

Unique Cultural Experiences… in Colombia

April 22-30, 2023, Inaugural Tour w/ Jenny & Steve

We are going to have an amazing experience in another Spanish colonial region of the Caribbean. Our locally guided tour will take us through the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cartagena, we’ll learn from indigenous people, see coffee and chocolate growing areas, and visit a national park on the coastline ending in Santa Marta. So many things are similar to Cuba, so many are different. Come and see!

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